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favorite joan watson’s outfits (part III)

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“The key is to support someone, but allow them to still be themselves. That’s really hard. You can’t force someone to do or not do something ultimately. You ask yourself: Do you want to do good? Or do you want to control?”

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a way to measure her success is by how many careers she has rebuilt and the amount of lives she has saved

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 Sherlock  + Shirtless  

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You look a bit evil.

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I write to Sherlock because he’s the only person on the planet I can really talk to, he writes to me because I’m the only one he can talk to, the only one he can ever truly relate to. 

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I’m drawn to things I don’t understand. Same as Sherlock.
Once I’ve figured you out, I’ll move on. Same as Sherlock.

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I am acerbic. I can be cruel. It’s who I am, right to the bottom. I’m neither proud of this nor ashamed of it. It simply is. And in my work, my nature has been an advantage far more often than it has been a hindrance.

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